Competition Rules

The SACA Primary School Competition aligns to the Australian Cricket Junior Pathway.


The competition rules have been developed based on the Australian Cricket Junior Formats - a set of standardised rules being played in over 90% of junior competitions around Australia. 


Please find the rules for each grade below: 


A Grade (Year 5-6)


B Grade (Year 4-5)


Master Blaster (Year 2-3)



Recommended Balls


SACA recommends the following type of balls for the grades listed below:


  • A Grade - 142g Kooka Practise 
  • B Grade - Kookaburra Softaball 
  • Kanga - Modified Rubber Ball (provided by SACA on match days) 


If you do not have these balls please make note to purchase them in your next ball order and start to phase out other balls. It is also good practice to speak with the other coach and let them know which ball you are using if it is not one of the recommended balls.


The balls recommended are best for implementing Australian Cricket Junior Formats and ensuring the best possible playing experience for all participants



Heat Policy


SACA does not currently implement a competition-wide heat policy. Please check with your school in regards to individual heat policies and contact your opposition team in the circumstance that your hot weather policy needs to be enacted.